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We are Camille and Kimberly; Two dope therapist who have the amazing opportunity to add a bit of color to the personality typing system that we know as the Enneagram. Join us every Tuesday, as we take a closer look at how we can all use the Enneagram to explore the depths of who we are and who we all want to be.

Embrace who you are, from an Enneagram perspective.

Camille Logan

Camille Logan is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Clinician who co-owns a private practice; The KC Collective, in Raleigh, NC. The issues that a majority of her clients seek assistance with navigating are surrounding areas of depression, anxiety, life transitions, communication, body image, race, and identity. She is a woman who is inspired daily by her clients' life stories of hope, resilience, and courage. In her work, and what she chooses to practice personally, is self-care and emotional intelligence, while using the Enneagram as a tool of self-discovery, assertiveness, social justice, and the value of connection and vulnerability; which she believes is especially important for the POC community. 

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Kimberly Reese 

Kimberly Reese is a licensed psychotherapist and clinician consultant who has been in practice for more than a decade, and is the founder of TRC; The Reese Collective in Charlotte, NC. Her mission is to help brave people to do the hard, yet rewarding work that they come to understand is necessary in order to have healthy, thriving and fulfilling relationships with the world around them, and especially with themselves. In utilizing the Enneagram Typing system, Kimberly has unlocked new ways of helping people dive deeper into themselves and get to the core root of their why's and reasons. As a black woman and therapist, she strives to break barriers for POC and rectify the stigmas surrounding mental health.

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Our Mission
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